Terri McClain has more than 12 years of experience as a graphic designer, writer, editor, and creative project manager for corporate, government, and nonprofit clients, including:

Washington University in St. Louis
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
St. Louis Children’s Hospital
Hannibal Magazine
City of St. Charles, Missouri
Shaughnessy Paper
McEagle Properties
Campbell Montessori School
Lewis & Clark Boat House and Nature Center
Project Peanut Butter
Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
St. Charles County Cyber Crime Unit

Ricker Lyman Robotic

Contact: 636-947-0336 | mcclain@mcclaincreative.com

Feature Stories by Terri McClain:

Examining the Forgotten Constitutional Right

Far Side Illuminates Mysteries of the Moon

The Leading Edge in Biotechnology

Rebuilding the Gulf Coast: Two Voices at the Table

Back to the Future: Realizing a Vision — Building on Eero Saarinen's idea of a unified waterfront

DIABETES: A Formidable Foe — World-renowned researchers collaborate to build a comprehensive understanding of this complex and proliferating disease

Survival of the fittest? Anthropologist suggests the nicest prevail — not just the selfish

A Recipe to Save Young Lives: Working to fight worldwide childhood malnutrition

The Top Player in the Ratings Game

There's more than meets the eye in Lewis & Clark's journals, say two historians

Discovering Lewis and Clark: Epic journey continues to stir intellectual curiosity two centuries later

Unearthing Past Lives: Discoveries by Paleoanthropologist Erik Trinkaus are changing our perceptions of who Neandertals were

As Landscape Shifts, Possibilities Open in Architecture Education

At Home with Physics: Physicist Harry Ringermacher applies real physics to industry... and ponders Einstein's "one last try"

Making connections: Karen L. Wooley, Ph.D., says much of her success in nanotechnology comes from the hard-working students in her lab

Uncovering Agriculture's Effects on Ancient Americans

Art & Science: An Intriguing Blend

Paul McKee: Building a Balanced Life

Books edited by Terri McClain:

Under the Dragon Banner: History, Legend & Lore of the Heroic Age, Vols. 1 and 2 (Wales: Sourcebook 1)


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